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The Story

The Story


an incredible journey

The Wharf is the dramatic result of Hoffman-Madison Waterfront’s revitalization of DC’s Southwest waterfront. Capturing the natural beauty of the water, amplifying the storied maritime history, and tapping into infinite potential, The Wharf is reestablishing Washington, DC as a true waterfront city.

cityside of the wharf

The waterfront mirrors a mile-long, cityside stretch along Maine Avenue SW, home of Incanto. The cityside of the Wharf has a neighborhood Main Street vibe along Maine Avenue, featuring essential services for residents, charming local hot spots, and invites visitors and residents to explore the alleys and lanes leading to the promenade. Incanto and neighboring developments offer ground-floor retail, mixed-use spaces, and a variety of opportunities as a part of The Wharf – both a waterfront destination and intimate community.